(Python Programming) Telegram Bot Making

First of all, you should create a bot by following the paths specified on BotFather and add the necessary libraries in python. Taken from BotFather After using the bot api key, the necessary steps and commands can be created by reading the documentation.

In this program, it automatically responds to the specified commands. You can reply, for example when the group is added to the telegram chat, you can automatically celebrate your friends' birthdays, between conversations You can post any gifs you want. An api is used for gifs and the incoming gifs can be used both randomly and by specifying a category. It can make TL-USD-EUR conversions.

If we want the daily news determined by using NewsDataApi according to the desired information, for example, if we want sports news / sports It brings random news from foreign or Turkish news sites by typing the command. You can download and use the bot, which has many functions, or you can develop it yourself. If desired, the captured news can be kept in a database, and the old news from the specified day will be deleted.

You can access and download their code by going to my Github address.

Github Project link