(Laravel) E-Commerce Site Building Using Laravel Framework

In this project, after logging in, if the user has admin authority on the username, they can type /admin/panel and do CRUD operations for the users from the panel section, see the active and inactive status of the users, and see the registered active addresses of the users in more detail. It can also perform CRUD operations on them. It can perform CRUD operations on Categories and product details for products. It can change the active and passive states of the products.

If the logged in user is only a member, they can see the products on the homepage, call the products according to the categories and see the total prices by adding the product to the basket. For adding to the cart, if a cart has not been created before, a card is created in a database and each selected product is stored in the card_details table. (Iyzico was researched for the purchase process but was not included in the project.) The product and user information stored when you click on the purchase is displayed on the screen.

The entire project (with the db) is available on my github. You can access and download their codes by going to my Github address.

Github Project link