(Laravel) Quiz Site Creation Using Laravel Framework

In this project, after installing the laravel 8 project, jetstream was installed. Ready-made ui and auth processes were used and the db was organized by creating migrations. The user can make some settings in the settings section. If the user is not an admin, he can only see the published exams and the results of the announced exams.

He can enter the published exams and answer the questions, then by calculating the score, the user can see the ranking among other users who have solved that test, the average score, the number of correct and wrong, the number of participants and the first 10 people with the highest score, the correct and incorrect mistakes made in the exam.

If the user is an admin, the Quiz page opens and from there he can create quizzes, questions, perform CRUD operations and change the status of the quiz as live or passive. Can see the correct, incorrect, score, etc. information of the users who took the exam in the exam. After the specified date, hour or minute, the past exam automatically becomes passive.

The complete project (with db) is available on my github. You can access and download their codes by going to my Github address.

Github Proje link